Spring Announcements

Hello everyone!

Spring is in full swing and hopefully, too, a change of season towards global health and wellbeing will flourish. As we all hit the refresh button, please have a look at a few new stories that have published in recent weeks:

(mac)ro(mic) published a Flash version of my short story, Visitor, on April 7. The

full-length version is on my website here.

Hedge Apple, a literary magazine based in Hagerstown, MD, published Desert in
their online publication on April 19. The story will appear in the print version of the

magazine in late May.

Otoliths, a quarterly publication based in Queensland, Australia, published a very 
abbreviated “Version 3” of my longest short story to date, Chasing Feinman, on May 1. To view the original, full-length version of the story posted on my web site, click here.

I am thrilled to appear in my first international publication, especially a magazine that once featured work from my former college professor and mentor, acclaimed Beat poet and playwright, Michael McClure.

New short fiction, nonfiction and poetry are added weekly to various publications on Medium.com, so be sure to check out my stories there. Here is a direct link to my page where you can “Follow” me to be alerted to stories as they publish live. If you read a story that you like, feel free to give me some claps to help boost my readership. My latest story to post with Medium.com was The Palm Reader, published on April 29 by The Junction. Stay tuned for a new nonfiction essay, coming soon.

In addition, I am putting the finishing touches on my first nonfiction book for publication,
SHIFT: Stories and Strategies for a New Paradigm. I just added a synopsis page and two excerpts on my website if you’re interested in learning more about my first book.

Thank you for your ongoing support of my writing. Enjoy the days ahead in good health and happiness!


1 thought on “Spring Announcements

  1. Hey folks: This new post is much easier to read on my website under the NEWS link. Somehow the formatting goes a bit haywire in the emailed version of the post. Thanks for reading and following!


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