What’s New for the New Year?

Happy 2022, everyone!

With the beginning of a new chapter, we all get to reflect, reimagine, and reboot. I have spent the last year focusing on finishing my first nonfiction book and it’s finally ready to go to press!

The book, “SHIFT: A New Paradigm for Women in the Workplace – Stories and Strategies,” will be published at the end of this month and available for purchase on February 1. I’ll keep you posted on details as well as make a few excerpts available on my website soon.

Beginning with my own story, the book includes stories from women of all ages and experience while intermingling historical references and future visions from dynamic individuals and organizations working to improve conditions for women in the workplace.

My hope with this book is to bring fresh inspiration and ideas on how to improve a stagnant model in dire need of change. I’m excited to see this project through to fruition as the seedlings were sown in 2018. Phew!

As I look ahead, I will be returning to writing short stories for Medium.com while organizing them all into thematic collections to publish in book form. Stay tuned for those developments!

I hope 2022 will inspire creativity and excitement in whatever new endeavors you are imagining. May we all enjoy comfort and camaraderie. May we rest easy and feel confident in matters of health and well-being in the days to come and year ahead. Cheers!

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