My Story


Welcome to my website designed especially for sharing my words with you. I love a printed page and as an artist first and foremost, writing is another way to paint a picture. Of present life in the city. Of days gone by. And future visions. Of people who are inspiring and shaking our world in positive ways. Characters who remind us of family and friends near and far. Tales that start as seedlings and become ripened fruit ready to pluck from the tree of our richly entangled roots. Stories to taste and savor and share.

Come have a look and stay awhile. You’ll find a sampling of my writing on these pages, from articles for magazines that I regularly write for, personal essays, short stories and excerpts from a book I am currently writing on women’s evolving role in the workplace. As a freelance writer, whether writing a short story or an article for a non-fiction publication, my approach is one from the heart, seeking honesty and connection.  

I was born in Oakland, California and moved with my family to St. Louis, Missouri when I was six. As a child, I was an artist through and through. Drawing pictures and writing stories was my passion. I was a voracious reader and kept notebooks filled with illustrated stories, poetry and dreams. At age twenty, I returned to Oakland to study art at California College of the Arts, earning a BFA in Painting, Printmaking and Textile Arts. I often include my own writings in my narrative paintings. For more info on my work as a visual artist, visit my art pages at

So that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!  Do drop a line or two should you feel inspired to share your story with me!

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