In my non-fiction work, I ask questions and seek possible answers through various avenues of research and speculation that usually bring up even more questions to ponder. Inquiry is the key. Never stop wondering or seeking the truth.

In this section I have included personal essays, published articles and a few excerpts from a book I am in the completion stages of on the topic of women in the workplace: our stories and experiences of struggle and resilience, the changing role and empowerment of women at work, the ways in which we can influence the conversation and evolve the paradigm to be more inclusive, progressive, healthy and safe. The book, with the working title of Shift, is one part humorous and poignant memoir, and one part investigative journalism demanding attention of the reader to examine and participate in our emerging dialogue.

In addition to this work, I have also been a writer and content contributor for various news journals, organizations and businesses including, Oakland Magazine, Alameda Magazine, 48 Hills, the Green Science Policy Institute, Grubb Company Realtors, Wax Creative Design and more. I was the Lead Content Designer for the recently retired, an online journal dedicated to information on arts and culture, politics, recreation and more around the city of Berkeley, for the four years it was in operation.

Please enjoy my non-fiction selections from the drop-down menu. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment.


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