Your Berkeley

Your Berkeley was a delightful online publication offering a wide assortment of informational articles on arts & culture, local politics, entertainment, food and drink, recreation and so much more for the city of Berkeley.

Started by local entrepreneur, Arron Sweeney, Your Berkeley began as an adjunct to his work as a real estate broker and blossomed into a wonderful resource not just for newcomers to the area but for local residents as well.

Hired as the Lead Web Content Designer, I was responsible for creating three engaging and informative posts every week on a variety of topics. These included reviews of local businesses and restaurants, profiles on special events including street festivals, theater productions and concerts at the gorgeous outdoor venue of the Greek Theater, campus activities, descriptive stories on the multitude of recreational opportunities around the Bay, and interviews with the movers and shakers of this vibrant and progressive college town centered around the University of California-Berkeley.

I wrote hundreds of articles for Your Berkeley in the four years it was in operation! Those years provided a deep connection with my community and the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and attend a variety of events. Sadly, the web site has retired but the memories of those years remains forever in my heart.

Please enjoy a couple of selections from Your Berkeley from the links provided below or view even more articles from the drop-down menu.

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