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48 Hills is the San Francisco Bay Area’s #1 independent, non-profit and local daily news and culture site, based in San Francisco, CA.

Founded in 2013 by former editor and publisher of The Bay Guardian, Tim Redmond and Marke Bieschke, 48 Hills serves the community by providing breaking news, political analysis and in-depth stories on arts and culture in San Francisco and its immediate surrounding cities.

48 Hills, a community supported publication, gets its name from this concept: “There are 47 hills officially named in the city of San Francisco – but for those seeking social justice, there is always one more hill to climb.”

I write a regular, twice monthly art column for 48 Hills which highlights local artists in the Bay Area. My intention is to shine a much-needed spotlight on lesser-known artists whether early, mid or late-career; specifically, the demographic that is overlooked in a predominantly white male arts culture.

The artists I choose to share with readers are Women (only 2% of the art market), BIPOC, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, elders (people over the age of 60), and emerging voices from urban areas not often represented in galleries or museums. Presenting work by artists as diverse as the Bay Area itself is the goal.

In my pursuit of introducing each artist, it is my job to observe and listen. By distilling the words in which the artist speaks about their own work and life, I present their story in their own unique voice. If I have illuminated each individual spirit with honesty and respect, then I have done my job.

If you know an artist that deserves this attention, I greatly appreciate your recommendation. Send me an email with artist’s name and contact info.

From the links provided below, please enjoy a selection from the column and/or access my 48 Hills Author’s Page to read all articles.


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