In the works are several new collections of short stories that I hope to put together as a series of  books to publish within the next year or so. It’s a big project, so stay tuned!

I am also currently in the completion stages of a non-fiction book on the topic of women in the workplace. Here is a little backstory on the book:

The book, with the working title of Shift: Changing the Workplace for Women, presents our stories and experiences of struggle and resilience, changing roles and empowerment of women in the workplace. The book discusses the ways in which we can influence the conversation and evolve the paradigm to be more inclusive, progressive, diverse, healthy and safe.

The book is a hybrid: one part humorous and poignant memoir, one part investigative journalism and one part inspiring guidebook. It demands the attention of the reader to personally examine and participate in an emerging dialogue on women in the workplace.

Beginning as a chronicle of my own job search amidst a career change later in life, Shift follows my epic trek with all its many surprising twists and turns. Recounting my personal stories over a ten year span of time, the book began as a memoir then grew into itself by including the stories of other women experiencing similar journeys. It blossoms even more as I explore our collective history while proposing a better future.

The manuscript evolves further as it intersects with new revelations from the #MeToo Movement and other emerging voices of women working to change how we experience the workplace. As a consciousness begins to expand across all industries, more and more comes to the surface and integrates into the dialogue, begging to be heard and remain relevant and not forgotten.

Nearly fully formed, Shift is a social commentary on women’s collective struggle and quest for a long overdue paradigm shift for workers and employers alike. I closely examine the job market and job seeking experience for older women – from how our resumes are received, how we are interviewed, hired and paid – and the many obstacles to success placed in our paths, exposing the fractured nature of the American workplace culture.

Included in the book are:

  • Interviews with prominent women entrepreneurs and women forging their own definitions of success
  • Groundbreaking turns in the tide for women and the unsung heroes that advanced them
  • Advice for women job seekers of all ages
  • Practical and inspiring guidelines for employers and management teams

At turns humorous and scholarly, my intention in writing Shift is to educate and enlighten readers to a system fraught with disincentives and outdated, unsubstantiated biases while nudging us to consider the parts we each play in perpetuating an untenable, undesirable and antiquated model. My hope is that the book will entertain and illuminate and that it will support and encourage an evolution that creates a better space for everyone everywhere in every kind of workplace.

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