New Day Light

You shine so bright
What are you now
The Light?
The beacon to the fight?
Or do we take flight
Into the wide blue yonder

Free of the darkness
For a time
But in the rhyme
We see there is more to uncover
In that wild, wide blue
Clouds must part

From this we See
Too Shining See
See Clearly
See Free
See, Hear, Feel the Truth
As it must be
As we must agree
To hold it dearly
In our hearts and souls and every fiber
Of our Tree
With roots so deep and branches that reach
Yes, into the wild wide deep

I pledge allegiance to that tree
And the united roots of solidarity
And to the ecology for which it stands
One nature under the sky
Never invisible
With liberty
With living free
With Justice
Not just us
With joyfulness
I said joyfulness
For all

You see
We went to sleep and had a bad dream

We Woke
Or are we?
Still sleep-walking maybe?

Rise and shine
Throw back the curtain
And let the light in
Step out
The new day

Into the daylight

The sun does not choose who to shine on
Some here but none over there No
It shines equally on us all and all at once
Open that door to yourself and for others
Walk Away
Far and away
From the tangled dark
Step into the light
See the light
Into the light
Bathe in it Soak in it Become it

Root yourself in it
New Day Light



From the And Now Poetry collection © 2021, Mary Corbin.

No reprints without permission. This poem was originally published by

and first appeared in Spiritual Tree. Photo by pixpoetry.


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