Shift – Excerpt 1

From my book in progress, with the working title of Shift.

Please enjoy an excerpt from Chapter 12, the introduction to a segment of interviews with several successful women entrepreneurs.

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Picture a leader and who do you see? An article by Heather Murphy for the New York Times reported that a simple exercise adapted for a workshop for executives by Tina Kiefer, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, revealed that both men and women almost always draw a picture of a man. The exercise has been used worldwide by psychologists with similar results. Additionally, a study conducted by the Academy of Management Journal seems to confirm this bias and that recognition as a leader in the workplace is more difficult for women than for men. The study also confirmed that, “Even when a man and a woman were reading the same words off a script, only the man’s leadership potential was recognized.”

In an installment of Shields and Brooks on the PBS News Hour in May 2018, Mark Shields discussed the view of women in political office:

“The presumption, the prejudice that voters have had historically toward women candidates is, A, that they’re more honest than men, and, B, that they’re more compassionate,” Shields said. He added that people question a woman’s toughness in the political realm. “But there’s no question that, in 2018, women are doing very well at the polls,” he said. “And this goes back to a poll that was done at the end of last year, asked both parties, would we be better off as a country with more women in office? Republicans said — 36 percent of them said, yes, we would; 83 percent of Democrats did.”

Every year, Vanity Fair magazine writes a segment called “The New Establishment”, a ranking of the top power elite brokers and captains of industry. In 2017’s installment, only 26 of the 100 names listed were women, and in 4 cases they were tied with a man, making only 22 women stand alone “success stories”. Eleven of the women are in the entertainment industry, i.e. Beyonce and Reese Witherspoon. Conversely, women are, in fact, doing something right, with aplomb, determination and efficacy, despite the odds. According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, or NAWBO, there are over 10.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States representing the fastest growing segment of the economy.

As an advocacy group, NAWBO was founded in 1975 with the intention of opening doors for women entrepreneurs by transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers. It has grown from its beginnings, with just twelve DC based women business owners meeting to share information, to a membership of over 5, 000 women in 60 chapters nationwide, representing all sectors and stages of development.


(This is a brief excerpt from Chapter 12 of my book in progress, Shift. © 2018, Mary Corbin. No reprints without permission. Contact me for more information.)

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