A Fresh New Start

Hello Everyone!

It’s 2021 and I’m off to a fresh new start. If you haven’t checked in recently on my website, be sure to peruse my pages. I’ve added some new content in the past few weeks and months as well as included two new pages:

Poetry – A brand new page that is just getting started on my website to include selections from my And Now Poetry collection.

Published Stories – Here you will find stories published recently in various publications. In January 2021, I was added as Top Fiction Writer for Medium.com and many of my latest stories can also be found there. You can subscribe to my Medium profile page to get notifications of published pieces as they go live, give me a clap or leave a comment.

Here are a few new additions, as quick links, in case you missed them:

Chair – from The Tenants collection

Ahimsa – from the Parables collection

Gray Area – from the Renderings collection

The Box – From the Geometry collection

An Oddly Careful Day in the Life – From The Tenants collection

Stay tuned for new articles as well. I’m currently working on a piece with Bay Area denizen Andrew Miguel Fuller who spent the last year at McMurdo Station, a science and research station in Antarctica. Fuller and I compare notes on the particular brand of extreme isolation he experienced vis-à-vis the rest of the world, as the quickly escalating, global pandemic unfolded. It’s quite interesting!

Thanks again for subscribing to my website. I love and appreciate your support! Wishing you all the best in 2021.


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